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    What values does The Women’s Institute stand for?

    What values does The Women’s Institute stand for?
    April 13, 2019 BoughtSpot Office

    From national advocacy to local assistance, all of our work is guided by core values such as:

    1. We Are Accessible. We’re here for all women, whatever their story or background. We respect their individual needs and their aspirations. We are unwavering in our commitment.
    2. We Lead The Way: Pioneering new ideas, resources, programmes and connections that will make us more effective. We continually evaluate and improve our own practices, responding to women’s needs creatively.
    3. We Deliver Results: Our success lies in the real, positive impact we have on women’s lives, whether we’re nurturing new businesses towards a viable future, driving improvements in legislation and power structures, or contributing to social awareness. We are determined to have an effect on individual women, helping them recognise and fulfil their potential and facilitating the development of aspiration, of worth and of achievement.
    4. We Build Relationships: Establishing trust and understanding between ourselves and the people we work with, promoting co-operation and support between women and men, and fostering collaborations from the grass roots through to boardrooms and government departments.
    5. We Are Committed: Taking account of diversity by making our initiative inclusive and accessible to all sections of the community and creating an environment that respects and values all of our stakeholders.