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    Why is The Women’s Institute different from other women empowerment initiatives?

    Why is The Women’s Institute different from other women empowerment initiatives?
    April 13, 2019 BoughtSpot Office

    The Women’s Institute was created in response to the urgent global need to protect girls’ and women’s human rights and accelerate girls’ and women’s empowerment in order to ensure a safer, fairer, more prosperous world for everyone. We aspire to a collaborative edge, saluting and supporting the vital work of other empowerment-driven establishments that share our vision of a world where women are able to live dignified lives, free from the harms of poverty and the violation of their human rights.

    1. The Women’s Institute is an innovative social investment, with a social networking platform, that focuses specifically on girls’ and women’s empowerment within a human rights’ framework and a community-driven, bottom-up approach to development.
    2. The Women’s Institute selects its partners, donors and sponsors with care and places emphasis on highly effective and measurable social impact. We partner with remarkable grassroots organisations around the country that are run by highly skilled and dedicated local personnel who are closely attuned to their communities’ needs and are conducting powerful, effective work.
    3. We offer sponsors, partners and donors a portfolio of pre-screened projects and ensure that sponsors, partners and donors know exactly how their contributions are being used and achieving social impact. We also ensure that donors receive rigorous, informative feedback (notably through impact and progress reports) about the effective use of their funding and donations.
    4. We optimise impact by supporting an integrated approach to girls’ and women’s empowerment and building, innovatively, on the synergy between education and other vital capacity-building services.
    5. The Women’s Institute harnesses the power of digital technology to enable everyone to be a change-maker and a co-creator of our initiative.